Giuliana Cristini

Virtual assistant



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You took that action because you have something (idea, product, service, you name it) that MUST be shared with others because it can help them and make their day so much better, right?

You are ready to take that first step and put that vision on the web, to reach more people and help more people.

Ok, sounds nice but where am I starting? Do I need a new website? a logo? be on social media? have a blog? ahhhh! so many questions and doubts!

Stop! Take a breath! you are in the right place!

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to bring their vision alive on the web, offering services that will help you to create your storefront online, a unique brand and a strong online presence.

As well, we would like to free up your time, helping you manage all the platforms and software needed to run this thing.

It happens, that we love planning and optimise our time, work, website, everything, too; so, we can't wait to optimise your online business too!

Everything sounds good, right?

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In 2002 I have finish my High School and got a degree in Account Management;

After 9 years working in a Payroll Office, back in Italy, I have developed a huge experience in Management, Customer Service and Computer Skills.

In March 2020 I had accomplished and complete the Bucketlist Bombshells Design Skills Course and the Tech Skills Course, to be able to develop my Virtual Assistant and Web Designer skills.

Of course, I am studying and researching every day, staying up to date of what the technologies, software, blogs and communities creating every day.



For 9 years I have managed payslips, administrate the bureaucratic part of hundreds of clients, scheduling, planning and finalised all the forms and projects needed for their businesses. This helped me to develop and focus on planning, management and delivery of the administrative side of a business.

As well, I have the opportunity to work as an Assistant Manager in Australia, develop more of these skills using and interact with the English language.

I have worked in a few projects as virtual assistant and web designer and still working on all the projects that I can, for free or paid, to develop my creative skills and specialise myself, even more, to be able to deliver the best service and experience to you!


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