There are some questions that you probably are asking yourself right now! Such as why Should I need to hire a Virtual Assistant? What she/he can do for me and my business? What if doesn't work out?
All these questions and doubts come to mind when we don't know a specific person and profession, or we don't have clarity on what we really need to do to grow our business.
The right Virtual Assistant can help you in so many ways:)
Here what we can do for you, and remember, our First Discovery Call is free of charge and if you feel like that we won't be the perfect fit (sad face here:(), you will be more close to understanding what your business needs:)
Let's do it!

Kickstart Your System

We can help you to set up a Management System, helping you to automate, as much as possible, your daily tasks, giving you the opportunity to have more time in your hand:) 

How good is that?

We won't lie, nowadays there is a lot of platforms and systems that you can choose. As we know that every business is different we are learning to use the most functional and helpful Systems out there, trying to offer a good variety to choose from.

Here what we can do:

  • Setting Up Booking Calendar/s (Acuity or Calendly);
  • Setting Up System in Asana;
  • Setting Up System in Dubsado;
  • Setting Up System in Trello;
  • Setting Up System in HoneyBook;
  • More to come:)

Blog Management and Social Media

Do you have a Blog, but it takes you so much time to put your contents together, engage with your readers and keep the Blog update and running? and what about to post every day on your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts to engage your Ideal Customer? 

This is another part of your business that consumes a lot of your precious time, so let us help:)

Here what we can do for you:

  • Blog Management;
  • Create and Repurpose your Contents for your Blog;
  • Responding to Blog comments;
  • Blog Traffic Reporting;
  • Create and/or Maintaining your Editorial Calendar;
  • Create and Repurpose your Contents for Facebook and/or Instagram;
  • Creating a Social Media Calendar;
  • Schedule your Facebook Posts in Hootsuite;
  • Schedule your Instagram posts in Later;
  • Graphics for Blog and Social Media, on-brand using Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign and/or Adobe Photoshop (*additional fee)

Advanced Services

Our CEO Giuliana, has worked as a Payroll Specialist for years and have done Bookkeeping service, using the Xero Platform.

**This is a specific service for whom is interested on using Xero as an accountability software.**

  • Setting Up your Xero Account,
  • Invoicing;
  • Payslip;

Please contact us for a specific Free Consultation, if interested in this service.


Virtual Assistant Service Picture

PRICE: 350 usd

This is a one-off package and it includes:

    • Intake Form;
    • 60 minutes consultation to discover which is the right system for you and your business;
    • Setup the Platform;
    • Adding Team Members (if applicable);
    • Creation of Projects and Templates for your future reference, so you will be able to use it on your own;
    • Link to your website and external source (when applicable);
    • Up to 5 updates and changes in the next 30 days after the system has been set up;
    • Up to 5 personalised Questionnaire setup;
    • Link to a gateway payment (when applicable);




We do Offer 3 different Tier for this Package, so you can choose the right amount of hours and products, based on your needs.

Blog Management and Social Media:

Blog Management

  • Up to (choose tier) blog posts edited, formatted and optimized to provide valuable content to your audience and showcase your expertise in your industry;

Each blog posts will include the following:

  • Edited for grammar, punctuation and sentence structure;
  • Formatted for visual appearance and designed to match your brand;
  • Categorized, tagged and pre-scheduled a minimum of 3 days in advanced;
  • Search engine optimized (snippet preview, focus keyword, SEO title and meta description);
  • Custom email capture form at the bottom of the post (MailChimp or ConvetKit);
  • Custom graphics to use as the feature image and for marketing and promotions;
  • Social share buttons configured;
  • (choose tier) copywritten posts for promoting on social media;
  • Blog post title recommendation to increase click-through rates;


  • Pre-scheduling Facebook posts using the Facebook Scheduler Tool (Later);
  • Management of custom Content Calendar;
  • Posting up to (choose tier) posts per day at optimal times;
  • Optimizing post for image, links and copy;
  • Improved profile (link, descriptions, profile photo, about, etc...)
  • Curating relevant and engaging industry content from around the web;


  • Pre-scheduling Instagram posts using the Instagram Scheduler Tool (HootSuite);
  • Management of custom Content Calendar;
  • Posting up to (choose tier) posts per day at optimal times;
  • Improved profile (link, descriptions, profile photo, about, etc...)
  • Optimizing post for image, links and copy;
  • Curating relevant and engaging industry content from around the web;

Every tier come with the Intake Inform and 60 minutes of initial Consultation


$ 250 / month
  • UP to 6 Blog Post
  • Up to 2 Facebook Post per day
  • Up to 2 Instagram Post per day
  • Customize graphic for Blog Post


$ 350 / month
  • Up to 10 Blog Posts
  • Up to 3 Facebook Post per day
  • Up to 5 Instagram Post per day
  • Customize Graphics for Blog Post, Facebook Posts and Instagram Posts


$ 420 / month
  • Up to 15 Blog Posts
  • Up to 5 Facebook Posts per day
  • Up to 8 Instagram Posts per day
  • Customize Grahics for all you Posts
  • 1 Additional Consultation Call per Month

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