Today, 1st of June 2020, it is such a big day, my friend!

Let’s celebrate, because:

  1. We have created, optimised and finalised our website, concentrating all our focus on delivering customizable services for any needs and budget;
  2. We are posting our first blog post in our Blog. The Blog is an important part of our service to you and it will be updated weekly, with lots of contents and resources to help you to bring your business vision to life, or better say, online.

The Why of Julie Creative Space

You know, I have dreamed of creating my online business for so long and I have been studying, improve and experiments for more than 2 years now.

There are so many tools and contents online on “how to start your online business”, that I got so overwhelmed and frustrated, and almost given up!

But I didn’t and here I am!

I decided that the best way was to take it easy and take little steps at the time, absorbing and learning everything I needed systematically and strategically, without waste money and time.

I understood that I needed to create a system and space where put all the tools and steps that I needed to take toward my goal.

So, I came up with a 3 steps system, that allowed me to build a super-strong foundation, that will accompany me in this journey, hand by hand, and will grow and adapt while my entrepreneurs trip will grow and change! yeah!!!!!

After that, I wanted to put this vision of mine online and I have created my Julie Creative Space!!

Here how it works:

  • In the website you can find all the information about me, our services and Portfolio; from there you can contact us by Messenger (click on the button at the bottom of the screen in the right corner) or using our contact form that you can find at the menu in the bottom of the screen. (**We love to hear from you and we can’t wait to serve you!**);
  • If you are interested in any services that we provide, you can book our first free consultation by Skype, so we can see each other and have a nice chat about what you expect from us and how we can fulfil your expectations; what you need to do is clicking on the button that says “Book your free consultation” and you will be prompt in our online calendar and you will be able to book a 15 minutes call when it suits you!;
  • You can check our Portfolio (we will keep it update!), with our last projects. The portfolio is a PDF document and it can be printed, if you like! Please remember to let us know what you think about it on social media and in our blog! (Because we love to hear from you!!);
  • You can subscribe for our Special Monthly CheatSheet List (from the home page) and you will receive straight away in your inbox our CheatSheet of June “The 3 Steps To Put Your Vision Online”; this is an interactive PDF with few links, so you can check out everything we are talking about in the guide; You will receive a CheatSheet every month, no spam or thousands of mail in your inbox;
  • This is the first blog post, but we will post every week on Mondays at 10:59 am (AWST) with tips and tricks, apps, tools and news from the Virtual World, to help you to run your new business smoothly and be super organized;

Our Mission!

We apologize to you for this long post about us!

From now on it will be all about you! Because we love to serve YOU and help YOU to share your skills and talents with the world.

Remember, there is someone out there waiting for your product/service/idea/you name it to change their life!

Do you really want to keep it for yourself?

Stay tuned.

Heaps of love.



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